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Q: I’ve never heard of a Public Adjuster or know anyone who has used one. Why and when would I need a Public Adjuster?

A: Your insurance company sends out their adjuster. The adjuster your insurance company provides works for your insurance company, not for you. A licensed public adjuster works for YOU, as YOUR insurance claim advocates. Now you have your adjuster to deal with their adjuster. Studies have shown that policyholders who retain a Public Adjuster receive much added value of time, knowledge and results. Also, our public adjusters do not charge an out of pocket fee. We take a percentage of new money added to the claim, not to exceed the maximum allowed by state law which in Texas is 10% of the claim.

Q: Can I file my insurance claim myself?

A: Absolutely. However public adjusters prefer to come in on the front end of a claim. This is because often times it takes months prior to a policyholder giving up and wanting professional help. At that point, a public adjuster has to review everything that has taken place, rework the whole claim from scratch and those months spent is time that could prove vital down the road. Claims typically have timeframes in which you can claim all the funds your owed. Also if you have another loss prior to resolving the first loss, it can also create issues. The best thing you can do is at the first sign of problems with your carrier, call us immediately to review and not let them waste any of your valuable time.

Q: Can I manage my insurance claim myself?

A: Yes, however do you have the time, knowledge and expertise should you get an unfavorable outcome? In our experience, claims are underpaid on average of 40% with many much higher than that. Would you know how much you’re owed? Many people think if they got $20,000 from their insurance company, that’s all they are owed. However on average there’s $8,000 missing! We know how to sift through confusing insurance policy language to make sure you get paid the maximum amount possible. Often times, we are asked to help clients who unsuccessfully try to settle claims themselves. Insurance companies hire adjusters to look out for their best interest. You should follow in their example and hire your own public adjuster.

Q: Can my contractor represent me since they advised that I file the claim?

A: Our Public Adjusters are licensed by the State and are the only claims adjuster who can lawfully represent the insured through the insurance claim process. There is a law in Texas that prohibits anyone acting as public adjuster. Contractors may very well know that you have damage and know that you need to file a claim, however they are not licensed claim professionals and acting or holding yourself out as one is illegal in Texas.

Q: If I hire a Public Adjuster can I get a rate increase, or can my insurance company drop me?

A: State law protects your right to hire a public adjuster. They cannot drop you or raise your rates because you decide to hire a public adjuster.

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