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Appraisal Services

We as public adjusters have an extensive network of appraisers. If we are not the public adjuster on your claim we can act as an appraiser to set the fair market value of the loss. This can be a cost-effective resolution to the disputed value. Appraisal can also circumvent an unreasonable adjuster that is unwilling to offer a fair and reasonable settlement for your loss. We have seen appraisals award policyholders tens of thousands of dollars that were otherwise being denied by the insurance adjuster.

Insurance Claim Review

TX Public Adjusting offers complementary claim reviews in an attempt to act in good faith to help policyholders who may need a little professional guidance and not the full fledged services of a public adjuster. We request your policy declarations page, photos and estimates you may have obtained and try to offer a high level of support. If we feel you truly need the services of a public adjuster, there is no risk of retaining us. Our fees are contingent of settling the claim for a higher amount than has otherwise been offered to you by your insurance company. If we achieve nothing, we are paid nothing.

Xactimate Estimates

Xactimate is the industry’s most advanced and accurate insurance estimating software. Need a quick Xactimate estimate? Our Xactimate software experts can provide you with one, or train your in-house team to be proficient with the estimating software.

If you’re ready to get started or have additional questions, contact us today!

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